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Last additions
General George Pickett, CSA1218 viewsThe first sitting of my latest drawing of General George Pickett, CSA as he looked circa 1863Sep 25, 2012
Cat2924 viewsAnother cat in graphite 11.5 x 14.5Aug 02, 2012
Box 2531 viewsCarcase of bloodwood, liner is tiger maple and top center panel is maple burl. 9x4x3.75Jan 28, 2011
Box 2353 viewsBottom of box is of quilted maple and inside of lid is maple burl.Jan 28, 2011
Box 1348 viewsInside of box. Liner of quilted maple and inside of lid of birdseye maple.Jan 28, 2011
Box 1472 views9x4x4 Carcase of bloodwood, bottom of spalted elm, top of maple burl along with various other woods in smaller quantities.Jan 28, 2011
Annie Kenney1067 viewsThese are finishing touches on this one.Dec 26, 2010
Banding447 viewsMy first try at making a Federal Style banding. This is 2 pieces of 1/32 maple veneer, 2 pieces of 1/32 dyed black pearwood, about 1/2" of Aspen then 2 more black pieces and 2 more maple. All glued together and then to be sliced off in 1/16" thick strips for inlays. The shaving was made with a block plane to flatten the edge.Sep 11, 2010
Casper IV1547 views11x16 on mellotexSep 06, 2010
General Ambrose Burnside, USA circa 1863843 viewsApr 12, 2010
Beagle1630 viewsNot for SaleFeb 07, 2010
Casper III1389 viewsThis one met with a bad end as I tried a background that did not work out. However, up to that point I was fairly pleased with the way it looked so I'll include this drawing in the gallery. There is obviously a bit of his neck missing in the lower right side.Nov 29, 2009

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