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Cat2924 viewsAnother cat in graphite 11.5 x 14.5Aug 02, 2012
Annie Kenney1067 viewsThese are finishing touches on this one.Dec 26, 2010
Casper IV1547 views11x16 on mellotexSep 06, 2010
General Ambrose Burnside, USA circa 1863843 viewsApr 12, 2010
Beagle1630 viewsNot for SaleFeb 07, 2010
Casper III1389 viewsThis one met with a bad end as I tried a background that did not work out. However, up to that point I was fairly pleased with the way it looked so I'll include this drawing in the gallery. There is obviously a bit of his neck missing in the lower right side.Nov 29, 2009
Cassie 31173 viewsGraphiteSep 13, 2009
Cassie 21371 viewsSecond attempt to draw my cat, Cassie. 10x13 on Mellotex. Winner of Strokes of Genius 8 - exploing textures! competition. Chosen for the cover of the book.Apr 26, 2009
Squeaky931 views3rd of a 3 part commission. The client told me I captured both the physical attributes of the cat but also the personality and was very pleased.
Mar 10, 2009
TC816 viewsThe second of a 3 part commission. This little guy was very curious which I tried to capture here. 7x7 in graphite.
Jan 24, 2009
Mullet943 viewsHere's the final on Mullet - the first of a 3 part commission. 7x7
Dec 14, 2008
Camera Shy1158 viewsAnother drawing of Casper - who was not wanting his photo taken this particular day.Nov 01, 2008

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